Pleasant Forest Shores cottages - South Chatham MA / Cape Cod

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom cottages & efficiency apartment - Weekly rentals

Great location and accommodations but LOW rates too!

The 2023 rates for ON-Season / OFF-Season are :
(ON-Season rates are effective :  June 16 to Sept 08)    (OFF-Season rentals are only available Sept 08 to early Oct or sooner depending on unit)

  • Cottage #1           - 1 bedroom - Sleeps 3 max - Base price  $550 / $470 per week!   (Adjusted retail value =    $880 )
  • Cottage #2/#4    - 2 bedroom - Sleeps 4 max - Base price :  $625 / $530 per week!   (Adjusted retail value =    $995 )
  • Cottage #3           - 3 bedroom - Sleeps 6 max - Base price :  $700 / $600 per week!   (Adjusted retail value = $1,045 )
  • Apartment unit   - 1 bedroom - Sleeps 2 max - Base price :  $450 / $340 per week!   (Adjusted retail value =    $585 )

     Base price is for 2 people...Add'l adults are just $6 per night...children are only $1 or $3 per night depending on age!

         (Children: Under age 1 are free; Ages 1-5 are $1; Ages 6-12 are $3; Age 13 and over are $6

As of 01/01/23, there is now a 14.45% MA STR (Short Term Rental) tax which will be added to above rates!
(It's 5.7% for MA, 6% for Chatham, and 2.75% for Cape & Islands Wastewater fund)

Partial week rentals are done on a case-by-case basis, with a normal minimum stay of 5 nights, normally using a daily rate based on the weekly rate divided by 7 rounded and multiplied by nbr of nights plus a premium of 5% of base rate, rounded, for less than 5 nights,  For example, the Ctg #1 ON-Season $550 rate becomes $79 daily plus $28 premium or $316 + $28 = $344 for 4 nights.  The Ctg #2/#4 ON-Season $625 rate becomes $89 daily = $445 for 5 nights.  One exception to the 5 night minimum is when two tenants split/share a week, like when the first tenant stays until Monday and second tenant arrives on Tuesday.  Exceptions to minimum may also be made in OFF-Season as schedule is more flexible then.

Notes: "Adjusted retail value" is what my parent's original 1950's ON-Season rates would be as adjusted to 2022 dollars using the
          U.S. government CPI tables. It's simply a way to show how much of a bargain the actual rates still are compared
          to others in the Cape Cod area ($800-$1,000+), and how much I should be charging if I kept up with inflation properly! :)
          Customers who consistently rented prior to 2003 should contact me directly for special rates.
          Customers who first rental was in 2003-2015 will receive a $20 discount from above rates.

The reason for the super low rates?    Low overhead, plus you are expected to leave the cottage "As you found it or better" so I give you a discount for your assistance in cleaning/ did my Mom....I want to continue the tradition!

Also, since these cottages do not have some "modern" features (TV, A/C, microwave and telephone), my overhead is less, so I can pass the savings on to you!   And getting away from the TV & phone is good for you! It's VACATION!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Owner began having major health issues with eyesight in 2008-2010, so some things have changed from past years. This has resulted in web site sometimes not being updated as planned and some occasional oversights in turnovers. It also has caused the usage of a designated cleaning service at checkout to become mandatory in almost all cases. The cost for this varies depending on unit, but averages in the $55-95 range. Extra costs for this may be negotiated on individual tenant basis to minimize the impact for both of us if needed, but this could result in higher base rates in later years.

(Rates were raised in 2006/2007 due to exceptional cost increases from utilities. They remained stable in 2008.
They were then also raised very minimally in 2009, but not as much as originally planned/disclosed.
And due to the continued poor economy, rates were not increased for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.
Rates were raised by $10-$15-$20 in 2012 due to a large increase in insurance and other costs. Rates are unchanged for 2013.
Rates were bumped by $10-$15-$20 in 2014 and 2015 to cover significant changes in expenses since 2012.
Rates were increased in 2016 by $20 for new customers due to higher operating expenses.
Rates for 2017 thru 2022 are same as 2016 when the new customer rate increase took effect.
Cleaning fees were increased in 2020 by $15 for cottages and $10 for Apartment.
Rates were bumped by $10-$15-$20 in 2023 to cover changes in expenses since 2016.

You will find that they are STILL much lower than other similar properties in the Chatham area!)

For details about how to make a reservation, deposits, balances, mailing address, etc., please see Rental Policies page.

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